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Digitalmill is a consulting and development firm based in the greater Portland, Maine, area. We focus on efforts that take advantage of modern-day videogame design, technologies, and related resources in innovative ways. We advise clients inside and outside of the videogame industry. Our current primary areas of activity include:
Serious Games: This catch-all phrase is used to quickly distinguish projects that are videogames or derivatives of videogames intended for use outside of entertainment, including in the fields of education, health, productivity, and more. We helped shepherd the growth of this emerging field through the creation of the Serious Games Initiative, Games for Health Project, Serious Games Summit, and Games for Health Conference. We advise on the field and develop games within it for private and public sector clients. We also work with game developers, publishers, and tool vendors on unique serious game opportunities.

Emerging Markets in Videogames: Our experience working with serious games markets, advergaming, and many independent studios has provided us a heightened awareness of emerging markets for both non-entertainment- and entertainment-oriented opportunities. We're currently collecting data and other information to advise on edgier opportunities for interactive entertainment software and technologies.

Game Science, Studies, and Culture: The scientific study of games, related academic research, and a deep understanding of videogames are a critical link in the future of games. We regularly interact with leading researchers and institutions around the world seeking proper points of collaboration among academia, scientists, and public and private interests. Where possible, we support scholarly development in games and their related technologies.

Advergaming and Marketing with Games: Games are a cultural force and an emerging audience platform. As time spent with interactive entertainment grows exponentially and passive entertainment opportunities degrade we believe the future of advergaming and other marketing opportunities with games will grow significantly. We've developed advergaming and advocacy platforms using videogames, and continue to build our knowledge in this field.

Videogame Innovation for Entertainment and Non-entertainment Applications: At the heart of videogames is innovation. We've developed a unique perspective on innovation in games as part of the research we began in 2007 and continue to refine today. As a result, we are preparing our clients in both the serious games sector and the entertainment industry for the changes to come in the decade ahead.
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